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Spotlight on Korean: The Language of 21st Century Beauty

K-beauty has not only transformed the face of the global beauty industry but has also been instrumental in catapulting Korean — the language of cultural phenomena such as Squid Game — into the international spotlight. Learn more about the tongue of 10-step beauty routines and innovative skincare in our new blog.

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Thales’s Data Security Unit Boosts Efficiencies With a Centralised Translation Workflow

Learn how partnering with THG Fluently helped Thales’s Data Security business optimise their content creation, localisation and translation processes to support their growth in international markets and scale their operations smoothly and efficiently. 

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Healthcare Content: A Balancing Act Between Specialist Expertise and Creativity

Creating effective life sciences content for international audiences can be challenging. THG Fluently examines the different strategies and looks at the role of specialists in the process.

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LOOKFANTASTIC: Localisation for an Optimised Online Performance

Beauty e-retailer LOOKFANTASTIC undertook its most ambitious localisation project to date to strengthen its presence in global markets and boost its organic positioning. Learn how THG Fluently helped raise CVR and session counts in our new case study.

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Black Friday and Beyond: November’s Global Shopping Events

From the Americas to APAC, brands everywhere are getting ready for this month’s big shopping events. Learn how having a localisation strategy can help you connect with international audiences and make the most out of these key days for retail. 

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US, UK and the Importance of Localisation in Ecommerce 

Both sides of the pond share the same language, but do they use it in the same ways? From everyday expressions to date formats, localising you content is key to engaging effectively with your US and UK audiences. 

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A Gender-Neutral Approach to Market Research 

Gender-neutral communications have become a priority for a range of industries. In multilingual market research, inclusive language can pose a range of challenges, but it can also ensure agencies and clients are connecting effectively with all sectors of their target audience.

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Connecting Worlds: Coming Together Through Translation

On International Translation Day, THG Fluently looks at the importance of the language services industry in building connection post-Covid and talks to translators and interpreters about their role in an ever-evolving sector 

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AI-Enhanced Coding for Smoother Turnaround

Implementing efficient processes and state-of-the-art technology is vital to save time and reduce the steps needed to complete any market research project. Learn how we helped UK-based Swift Research speed up work for their end client through a seamless coding workflow while boosting accuracy and consistency. 

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The Languages of the 2020 Olympics 

THG Fluently examines the history of the modern games to understand its deep ties with French — one of the official Olympic languages — and takes a look at the challenges of Japanese, the local tongue of this year’s host.

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Why Product Label Compliance Is Key for Seamless Global Expansion 

THG Fluently looks at the challenges of product label compliance when launching in new markets. 

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The Importance of Strong Solicitor-Interpreter Communications  

The work of legal interpreters goes beyond the purely linguistic aspect. In this piece, we explore their role as cultural interpreters and look at how they can build a successful team with solicitors.

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How to Reach a Wider Audience at Your Events 

While the Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly changed the nature of corporate events, interpreting continues to be an essential instrument to help organisations amplify their reach.

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How Interpreting Can Support Market Research  

Interpreting can be a powerful tool to understand global audiences. In this piece, we look at how market researchers can benefit from working with interpreters. 

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A Quick Guide to Interpreting Modes

Interpreting comes in all shapes and sizes, but how do you know which option is the best for your organisation? Read on to find out.

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Savanta Case Study: Light Touch Machine Translation 

Where speed and quality are integral to a project, light touch machine translation can be an excellent solution - combining MT with human post editing. Discover how this approach worked for Savanta in translating open end responses for a key end-client in the gaming industry. 

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How to Boost Ecommerce Performance Through Marketplace Optimisation 

Online marketplaces can be an effective way to amplify your reach in a new market. But how do you make your product stand out in these crowded platforms? Read on to find out.

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Is Flexible Learning the Future of Staff Training? 

THG Fluently looks at how the rise of flexible and remote working means a new approach to corporate training.

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Through the Eyes of a BSL Interpreter: The Evolution of Modern Interpreting

British Sign Language interpreter Rob Troy talks to THG Fluently about his career, his favourite jobs and how the interpreting industry has changed over the past 15 years. 

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Spotlight on British Sign Language 

During Deaf Awareness Week, THG Fluently looks at the basics of sign languages and British Sign Language (BSL) in particular. 

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The Application of Coding in Market Research 

THG Fluently explains the essential role coding plays in helping market researchers gain insight into audiences’ behaviours and opinions.

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Best Uses for Machine Translation in Market Research 

THG Fluently examines the different factors at play when considering machine translation solutions for market research projects.

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The Importance of Specialist Mental Health Interpreting

THG Fluently explains the value of working with specialist linguists in mental health settings, and why their expertise is key to both patients and healthcare professionals.

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How To Adapt Your Style Guides For International Markets 

THG Fluently shares advice on how to create an effective style guide that will work across different languages. 

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Welcome to THG Fluently

Language Connect has rebranded to THG Fluently. Read the latest on the rebrand and what it means for the company.

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Your Guide To E-Learning Localisation

What is E-Learning localisation and how could it benefit your business? Discover the E-Learning translation services available at THG Fluently.

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The continuing importance of face-to-face interpreting

THG Fluently explores the importance of face-to-face interpreting following a rise in demand for video interpreting amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Spotlight on Welsh: An Enduring Minority Language

Welsh is a minority language, but one that endures. THG Fluently takes a look at the language from its origins to how many people use it today. 

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How Machine Translation Can Support the Legal Sector

Explore how the legal sector can benefit from machine translation, coupled with the expertise and editing from human translators.

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Bridging the Gap Between Translation and Creativity

Explore how you can manage the gap between translation and creativity with transcreation and localisation support from THG Fluently.

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Insight into international market research

THG Fluently explore the challenges facing international market researchers today. 

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Creating a global communications strategy 

Explore how to approach creating an international communications strategy with localisation at its core.

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How to Handle Social Media Translations

Explore the world of social media translations with THG Fluently. Discover key considerations, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

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Americanisation: A Challenge for Translators? 

THG Fluently explored the impact of Americanisation on the English Language, and whether this presents challenges for translators.

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