Test translated surveys before going live

Translated surveys for online use provide valuable insight into your market – if they work as they should. That’s why we provide a link check service, ensuring your translation not only looks perfect, but functions properly.

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Make sure your surveys work

Using a test link, we’ll check your survey on screen several times across a range of different scenarios and fix any final issues before your questionnaire goes live. Our report will highlight any elements that need to be repaired or improved.

In-market experts

Even if we haven’t originally translated the survey, our linguists can do all the necessary checks for you. What’s more, it’ll be handled by a native speaker so you can be sure the checks are localised and in context.

You can trust our process

Our linguists routinely make sure that all content is translated, text alignment is correct in all viewing scenarios, translations are correct and in context, layouts are user-friendly, text is legible, and all buttons work. We also check that any placeholders and screening functions operate as they should.

1. Initial translation

2. Proofreading

3. Translation uploaded to client survey platform

4. Client generates a test link for us

5. Our qualified linguists check the survey online

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