Make sure your labels meet regulations

We have a team of sector-specific linguists specialising in compliance, which means they can work with you to ensure your product labels meet regulatory requirements for the countries you’re selling in.

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Work with experts

We have a network of linguists across more than 30 languages specialising in food labelling compliance, as well as qualified translators with compliance experience in the beauty industry. In addition, we work with our own in-house compliance team to ensure we stay up to date with regulatory changes.

Get it right every time

In addition to translating your labels, we can also do a final review to ensure they appear correctly in context. We can also create the multilingual label from scratch if required through our DTP typesetting team - leaving you with the confidence that it is suitable for the market.

Explore your options

We assess the requirements of every project individually, allowing us to tailor our approach to your project. You can leave it to us or if you prefer, you can be involved to help ensure we find the best route for the best results.

Our compliance offering

Food and Nutrition

Compliance-expert linguists in over 30 languages


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