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Addressing the Challenges in Pharmacovigilance Translations

The effect of any drug in the world of pharmaseuticals must be constantly reviewed. Regulators and companies need continuous knowledge of the intended effects and possible adverse events of testing - no matter the language this information is communicated in. Discover the challenges and solutions in the world of PV translations. 


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Translation Trends in Research

As more businessess go global, multilingual studies are becoming increasingly frequent. Through this survey, THG Fluently explores the challenges this shift brings to the industry.


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Achieving Global Success Through Localisation

High quality localisation is key to international growth and a healthy ROI. Learn how THG Fluently helped online beauty reseller Lookfantastic launch local sites for its markets and see a 76% rise in gross revenue.


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How Machine Learning is Transforming International Market Research

Artificial intelligence is re-shaping many industries, including international market research. Find out how technology is changing the field and what the future of the sector looks like.



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