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Through our expertise in delivering translation and localisation services for marketing and PR organisations and departments, we empower businesses to reach their international audiences with impact.

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Translation driven by creativity

Our team of linguists are not only proficient in translation but are also specialists in localisation and transcreation. Through a creative approach, we can help adapt your materials to a specific local market - connecting you directly with your target audience.

We provide more than translation

Whilst we're experts in translating and localising your content and communications, when it comes to content creation, our dedicated copywriting team can also deliver unique, optimised content in-market, written through the eyes of a local from your brief.

Creating local connections through copy

First impressions count, but so does each impression thereafter. That's why we partner with our clients to deliver optimised content to international audiences, creating a localised approach across every marketing touchpoint. Our team of highly qualified and experienced linguists are hand-selected based on your needs. So you can trust in our expertise not only in language services, but also in the marketing mix itself. 

THG Studios: our in-house brand strategy, creative design and content department

Did you know we're also part of THG Ingenuity  - one of the world's leading DTC solutions? As part of THG Ingenuity, we work in tandem with our in-house creative department, THG Studios to supply localised content creation across multimedia formats. Our Studios team deliver creative content execution including photography and video, artwork, and packaging design. Through this unique in-house collaboration, we are able to combine creative and localisation consultatively, working in unison on multilingual creative projects for a seamless delivery. Should you require more strategic support, we can also provide brand development and digital strategy through THG Ingenuity. 

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