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When it comes to translation, accuracy is everything. That’s why we offer quality proofreading services to ensure your content is always clear, correct and localised.

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Create content with confidence

Whether you choose proofreading as a standalone service or have it built into your translation workflow, our service is conducted in line with our ISO-approved quality control procedure for your complete peace of mind.

Get the best people, always

Our hand-picked professional proofreaders are both in-country and native to the target language, as well as fluent in the source language. Plus, they reference your previous translations, style guides and glossaries for additional consistency and accuracy.

Leave it to our workflow loop

For every translation and proofreading project, the original translator always reviews the proofread version of their work to verify any proposed amends. They also produce a final version of the translation before it moves on to our quality assurance process. Built into our tailored workflows, this process ensures you can be confident in the final translated materials.

As standard, our proofreading service covers:







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