June 3, 2022

Welcome to THG Fluently

We are excited to announce that Language Connect has now rebranded as THG Fluently, which is a major step in our ongoing journey to grow, develop, and invest in our best-in-class language services.

Since we were acquired by THG in 2018, we have expanded exponentially and continue to develop new products and technology to support our clients' multilingual requirements. As a company and as part of THG Ingenuity, we have helped businesses reach new markets and customers through our language service offering.

As we move into a new chapter as THG Fluently, our ambition is to expand further into digital and creative language services, whilst still holding true to our core translation and interpreting offering our clients know and trust. We are now providing end-to-end multilingual content support, from origination through to optimisation, incorporating the very best in technology and workflows to deliver speed, quality, and value.

Our dedication to, and expertise in, services to Market Research are also continually growing. We have already enhanced our coding capabilities and continue to develop our Machine Translation offering, creating cost and time efficiencies for our clients.

Why the name change?

As Language Connect, we have developed a diverse service portfolio over the last 17 years. Initially founded to support the international workings of the Market Research sector – an ambition we still hold at our core today – we have expanded our expertise across a multi-sector spectrum. From E-Learning and Ecommerce, to Legal and Life Sciences, we have evolved into a global LSP trusted by brands and organisations to deliver an ever-growing service range.

We are making the switch from Language Connect to THG Fluently to reflect our commitment to this evolution, and as part of our business now also forms an integral part of THG Ingenuity - the end‐to‐end solution for international ecommerce, powering the growth of some of the world’s leading brands. 

THG Ingenuity simplifies the traditional direct-to-consumer commerce relationship by removing the need for limited and expensive third-party service providers. From discovery to conversion, hosting to shipping, production to payments and more, THG Ingenuity supports businesses in reaching new consumers wherever they are in the world.

Our passion is rooted in our desire to help brands and organisations fluently communicate and operate on an international scale. We are excited to share this passion with our current and future clients, and to collaborate on future projects with THG Ingenuity. 

What’s next?

We will continue to use our existing processes and services, operating with the same passion our valued clients have consistently enjoyed over the past 17 years. We look forward to delivering language support and are excited to embark on this new journey as THG Fluently.

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