May 29, 2022

Swift Research Case Study: AI-Enhanced Coding for Smoother Turnaround

As speed becomes an increasingly decisive aspect in any market research project, optimising workflows and working with effective, time-efficient tools has turned into a vital requirement rather than a nice-to-have option. 

At THG Fluently we know quicker turnaround times in market research translate into competitive advantage and a shorter time to market for clients. This is why we combine our linguistic and industry expertise with state-of-the-art technology designed and implemented to help support and speed up our clients’ decision-making process. 

Seamless, speedy coding powered by AI: Swift Research 

Reducing turnaround times while maintaining a high level of accuracy and consistency was precisely one of the main priorities in market research agency Swift Research’s new coding project for THG Fluently. Their end-client was working on a financial products campaign with tight deadlines. This meant that even a short delay at any stage of the data processing flow could have a considerable impact on the expected timelines, so our dedicated market research team needed to ensure all processes were running smoothly at all times.  

Swift Research was also keen on working as seamlessly as possible, so they were looking for a partner who could support an integration with their survey platform to eliminate the time-consuming steps of having to download, prepare and share data files, and speed up the project.  

THG Fluently’s coding platform of choice, Codeit, was the ideal tool for this. Because it can connect with a number of platforms through its API — including the one Swift Research used to gather survey data —, the responses from their research could automatically load for coding without the need to create, send and upload files separately.

Moreover, thanks to its AI capabilities, Codeit helps boost accuracy and consistency, as it can easily flag similar responses for mass coding. It can also detect errors or inconsistencies in coding, such as the application of different codes to identical responses, and eliminate the possibility of using a code that is not part of the code frame. This was key to support the end-client's need for consistency. 

As Codeit was fully integrated with Swift Research’s platform, coders didn’t need to wait for the whole corpus of data to be completed. Instead, they could start working on batches of responses as they came in, giving Swift Research the chance to access early insights as needed and keep their client updated as the first responses were processed. 

Results and future efficiencies

Using Codeit instead of a traditional workflow enabled THG Fluently to reduce turnaround times while maintaining a high degree of accuracy and consistency in the coded responses. This, in turn, allowed Swift Research to meet the end-client's tight deadlines and keep the project on track at all times. For upcoming Swift Research projects, coders can leverage existing code frames within the platform to use with new datasets, thus creating further potential efficiencies for the end-client and allowing for speedier coding. 

Having only started working with THG Fluently recently, we have been really impressed with how seamless the coding process has been. Using the Codeit API, with a click of a button, we were able to instantly upload verbatims to THG and receive the coded responses back just as easily. This has allowed us to prepare data tabulations whilst data collection is still ongoing and vastly reduce the amount of time required at the end of the study. The entire process has been so slick and efficient, it’s as if THG are part of our own team.

 - Katie Giles, CTO, Swift Research

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