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Translating your website for your target audience not only ensures the content is understood, but is proven to increase engagement and optimise your site –ultimately turning more clicks into customers.

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Maximise conversions

Whether instant or over time, the benefits of website translation are undeniable. By communicating with your audience in their language, you build trust and brand loyalty. You could also reap the benefits of SEO opportunities for the market; in fact, multilingual SEO is something we specialise in. The result – increased brand awareness and sales on an international scale.

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Looking to improve website performance in international markets? Discover the steps we'd take to support you in our free resource.

Submit your content easily

Interlinking our tech with your CMS means you can submit content for translation quickly and easily. We can also review translated content in-situ to make sure it works in context, ultimately enhancing the user experience.


Consistency and context are key

Using computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools means we can keep content and translations consistent throughout your whole website. As part of our quality control process we can check your translations in the context of your website to ensure content works as it should.

Our Translation Memory technology also means past translations can be leveraged in future projects to ensure consistency.


Content optimisation

In addition to translating and localising your website, we can also explore SEO and PPC with you and help develop a multilingual digital strategy that ensures current and future content is optimised for each.


“After a single month of translation for Lookfantastic we saw a 94% uplift in visits, a 74% rise in quantity sold, and a 67% increase in gross revenue.”


THG Fluently is part of THG Ingenuity – the world’s leading end-to-end ecommerce platform, empowering brands to grow and thrive on a global scale.

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