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Gather more insights from more places

We can help you gather data from different markets by translating your surveys and participant responses for you.

See how THG Fluently can transform your business.

Work with experts

Our dedicated linguists, together with our Market Research  and  Healthcare project management teams, are experienced at handling survey workflows along with standard terminology.


Translations tailored to you

Whether B2B or B2C, we frequently work with clients to translate customer satisfaction surveys, patient surveys, employee engagement programmes, brand trackers and tracking studies – handling multiple surveys throughout the year. We can also tailor our services for discussion guides used in focus groups, IDIs and TDIs, for example.

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Have flexibility with formats

Our technology and talent combination ensures varying file formats can be tackled with ease, and the translation process can run smoothly.  We also provide survey platform API integration to make it even easier to transfer translated content.


Don’t just take our word for it

“THG Fluently is a preferred partner for our translation related activities. Their linguists are spread across the world bringing in local language expertise that make our surveys more relevant for our panellists. Their commitment to on-time delivery and openness to client feedback makes our end to end delivery flawless and a true partnership!”

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