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Gain insight in any language

In an increasingly global world, discovering the trends and habits of international audiences is more important than ever. That’s why for almost two decades, we have specialised in market research translation services, proudly working with hundreds of agencies around the world, including a number of the Top 10 global players.

We provide a spectrum of services

Whether you need translation for your  online survey  or discussion guide, a  link check with a fast turnaround, or an  interpreter for qualitative research, we have the flexibility and expertise to make it happen.

Our global project management teams and native-to-market linguists are sector-specialists as well as leaders in language services, creating an expert mix of talent to deliver the best results for you.

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Wondering which interpreting mode is best suited to your research scenario? Read our guide to interpreting for market research to fnd out. 

We create efficiency through technology and experience

Our experience and specially crafted Market Research services have helped us create efficiencies for our global clients. We work from an XML-based translation management system that can process survey data and keeps the scripting intact from all major software providers. We also have expertise working with exported files, including those from all major survey programming platforms such as Confirmit, Decipher, Dimension and Qualtrics to name a few.

We work with integrated translation memory and terminology. Through this we can leverage similar previously translated content to save time and costs. 

Our range of  coding  and  machine translation solutions can also be tailored to your requirements, helping to create further efficiencies whilst scaling your market research projects internationally.

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