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Translation Technology for Market Research

As businesses continure to scale to multiple markets through digitalisation, market research has become an increasingly multilingual discipline. 

At THG Fluently, we've supported market research agencies and organisations in delivering global insights for almost 20 years. In that time, technologies have developed continuously to drive cost and time efficiencies in a world of growing demand for insights.

Discover our translation technology dedicated to market research in the resources below.

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The Application of Coding 

in Market Research

When it comes to high-volume market research projects, pinpointing key insights can often become a time-consuming and ultimately inefficienct task, particularly when a translation step is involved. Coding is a way to make unearthing insights from open-ended responses simpler, and more efficient. Here we take a look into how you can apply a coding process into your multilingual market research.

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Best Uses for Machine Translation 

in Market Research

Higher volumes and tighter turnaround times are today a common demand in market research. As a result, many technologies have been developed to help meet these demands - one such technology being machine translation (MT). Though MT can create efficiencies, it's important to know when it's an appropriate tool to use, and when to opt for other translation methods. Discover more in our guide to MT.

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Greater efficiency gains for market research

Our guidance on incorporating and combining technologies based on project-specific needs has driven efficiencies for hundreds of market research organisations across the world.

We want to empower you to make informed decisions on multilingual projects, with the knowledge of how far you could scale with the support of translation technologies.

In our in-depth guide, we take a deeper look into the benefits and applications of coding and machine translation, as well as voice-to-text transcription.  

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