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Multimarket Insights You Can Rely On

Understanding consumers from across the globe can be a challenging task. Find out how interpreting can support your multimarket market research project in our dedicated resources.

Quick Reads

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How Interpreting Can Support 

Market Research

Particularly useful for qualitative methods such as interviews, interpreting is a vital tool to gain in-depth, accurate insight into consumers' opinions and thoughts in real time. Learn how to integrate it seamlessly into your market research project in our new post.

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A Quick Guide to 

Interpreting Modes

Simultaneous, consecutive or asynchronous? Interpreting comes in all shapes and sizes, but how do you know which one is better suited for your multilingual market research project? Read our new guide to find out. 

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Discover the applications of interpreting in market research 

in our scenario case study.

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The THG Fluently Booking Portal gives our clients full control of their intepreting bookings. 

This tool enables organisations and individuals to plan, update and have visibility of past and future bookings, all in one place.

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